GDC and PAX East 2015 Recap

GDC 15 Logo

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here. Sadly, this poor blog gets a little neglected when I’m busy. I’ve finally found some time to talk about what I’ve been up to for the past few months. There’s plenty to talk about, so I should probably get started.

First, I had my trip out to the Game Developers Conference out in San Francisco. This was my first time out to the city and the first time to the GDC event. I’m happy to report that it was an absolute blast and was unlike any other game event I had ever attended. I ended up meeting a ton of people, both veterans of the industry and newcomers like me.

In addition to meeting a lot of people and networking, I learned a lot from people who are actively involved in game audio, who were more than happy to chat with me and discuss everything from workflow to marketing and everything in between. I also ran into a bunch of peers that I had previously met at other game events on the east coast. Overall, I learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and made some new friends along the way. I’ll definitely be going back next year if I can.

I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the full week of GDC, due to PAX East being on the following weekend. I, and several other game people, ended up leaving San Francisco to get into Boston that Friday. I took a “red-eye” flight to get to PAX East on time to do some coverage for Original Sound Version. With only about three hours of sleep, I was dead tired by the end of the first day of PAX East. I made it through the rest of the weekend alright, but I think that’s the last time I’m going to attempt attending two events back to back like that. The next time that GDC and PAX East happen on the same week, I will be staying at GDC if possible.

Over the summer I managed to pick up a few game audio gigs. I won’t be able to go into much detail about them for the moment. I’ll likely have something up about them once the work on them is done and when the projects are closer to being released. I might even do some sort of post-mortem analysis of the audio work here on the blog.

In the meantime I’ll be getting to work on these new projects. I may get a few new tracks up on Soundcloud and this site as well, if my schedule goes smoothly this month.


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