On this page you’ll find a sampling of pieces I created for the various game jams that I’ve participated in. In each case the music was written within a strict time constraint for these particular game jams. They are for the most part unedited from their state from when the game jams were completed. So if you want a reasonable idea of what I can make within strict creative constraints, or just want to hear some interesting pieces, you’ve come to the right page!


Werewolf Puncher was a game created at the 2014 Purple Monkey Game Jam in Boston. The game required you to find a disguised werewolf in a large crowd in the middle of a medieval town square. You’re method of attacking and finding the werewolf was, as you can guess by the title, to punch the correct character to reveal the disguised werewolf. Werewolf Puncher is unfortunately no longer playable anywhere. This was a fun theme to write, especially since the game jam was close to Halloween and it was the perfect time to create some spooky music.


Monster Rave was one of two games that I worked on for the 2016 Indie Train Jam. The title is a color matching puzzle game where you try to group monsters entering a dance club by color. You act as the bouncer, choosing when each monster can enter the club. I was responsible for creating some upbeat electronic dance music for the setting. The music became such a central element to the game that we ended up having the monsters move to the beat of the music. You can download and try out Monster Rave at itch.io.


The other game that I worked on for the 2016 Indie Train Jam was Lazy Village. The title is what designer Daniel Cook has termed an “Active Idle Game.” You direct a villager on a path to collect resources and perform various tasks that will be repeated on each day cycle of the game. Resource gathering earns you gold which you can use to buy various upgrades and more villagers. When you add more villagers you’ll set their daily routines to collect more resources. For this game I created a light-hearted and laid back orchestral track to go with the colorful and charming game world. I also created all of the game’s sound effects for the various actions that the villagers can perform. You can download and play Lazy Village at itch.io.

As I participate in more game jams I’ll be adding some of the music tracks from the resulting games to this page. Hopefully this section has given you a good glimpse at what can be created within a short span of time for a game’s audio.